Do As the Roamers Do, by Stephanie Harvel





“I am not a professional writer. I am a senior at Fordham University receiving my Masters and Ph.d in Counseling Psychology in Austin, Texas. My passion is focusing on the LGBTQ community and their unfortunate (still present) struggles within families, relationships and within themselves. This passion has driven me to write a children’s book about two loving lesbian whales, Macy and Lou. The book is metaphorically written to convey our society’s stance on homosexuality, and more specifically the fact that the LGBTQ community has not yet been fully accepted. In order to rid our society of this specific discrimination, the blooming source, our children, needs to be taught and conditioned to think otherwise. As they bloom, it is our responsibility to teach them at a young age that same-sex relationships are allowed to be considered normal. Perhaps then, we will be able to take out the “abnormality” of it all and feel less discrimination and more acceptance in this world.”  — Stephanie Harvel

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