How Sable Books Works

Sable Books is a collaborative publisher whose knowledge, skill and experience in marketing, design, and publishing-strategy company helps authors and writers get their books to print and eBook quickly, professionally, beautifully, and affordably. Our suite of services includes books, printing services, marketing pieces, and websites for authors and consultants, and we are fluent in organic SEO.

Why Choose Sable Books?

In today’s publishing climate, many authors are turning away from traditional publishing houses because they wish to have more control over their own work. But it takes time just to research all of the options, and it’s easy to overspend on unnecessary services and fees.

Sable Books will first ask you your goals for your book project, then walk you through options and strategies.  We design the cover and interior of your book and walk you through all of the professional details, explaining along the way what your choices are and helping you determine the best strategy for your book.  From design to publishing to marketing, we’re with you each step of the way.

What You Do
Prior to submitting your work for publication, you’ll have a personal consultation where all of your questions are answered.  Our Creative Director will walk you through the entire publishing process, step-by-step.  When you are ready, submit your completed files for your manuscript in Word or RTF format.

What We Do

  • We design a professional and exciting cover to your approval, formatted for both printed cover and eBook.
  • We design the interior of your book, including professional typeset and layout of manuscript and interior images.
  • We provide and place your ISBN number and barcode.
  • We manage all communication with the printer along the entire process — from uploading your files, obtaining proofs for your approval, through final publication.
  • We re-format to specifications and upload your eBook automatically to Kindle and Kobo.

We give you real advice, and never a sales pitch.


We work with U.S.-owned printers and will guide you through the print process to ascertain the number of books to print and strategies for distribution, depending on the scale of your project.  You receive the final proof for approval, and printed copies of your books.  You retain all sales income, starting with the first book sold, and you also retain 100% of the rights to your book.


Sable Books is as committed to the success of your book as you are.  We provide you with professional copy for the back cover of your book, a professional press release, and promote your books online via our website and social media.

We help you with suggestions and a personalized and targeted marketing strategy based on your book, using local resources, social media, and out of the box ideas for connecting with people and getting your book launched and noticed.

Not only do we help you formulate a plan, we are available to implement that plan should you decide you’d like the extra help.

Additional services available

  • Developmental or line editing
  • Expanded marketing consultation/implementation

    Do you need a website? Does your website need freshening up?  We can help.