Return, by Cristina Albers


ISBN: 978-0-9968036-1-8
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“This collection is a powerful testament to the ebb and flow/ highs and lows of early recovery. Return provides a glimpse into a process seldom seen. The process of recovery skillfully woven into a poetic style of descriptive precision. Return is a snapshot of body bags, key tags, 90 day intervals and the triumph of that first year of freedom.  For this poet, this is only the beginning.” —Sage Chioma, author of Earth is a Mother’s ‘Hood

Stranded in the shadows of secrets,/ I scream and struggle to be released/ from self-inflicted suicide of seclusion.

Cristina Albers has been writing poetry since she was a child, when she wanted to be the next Shel Silverstein.  Now she wants to reach out and help anyone struggling in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Having lost her voice and her aspirations for many years due to her own downfall into addiction, Cristina has been able to reclaim her dream after entering the rooms of recovery. Now residing in North Carolina, she grew up in Napa, California, and graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where she studied journalism, English, and the humanities, and is a proud mother of two.