Letters for my Little Sister, by Cecilia B.W. Gunther



Letters for my Little Sister, 2014, Sable Books, nonfiction, letters and essays) by Cecilia B.W. Gunther.
ISBN: 978-0-9913564-4-7
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Letters for my Little Sister began as a conversation peppered with questions — between women who found they had little to no idea what to expect from this phase in their lives.

To say, “When I reached menopause …” has a physicality, as in reaching a destination.  I think of a mesa — a high, flat place with an amazing vista.  I looked down at my life and saw myself at different ages; I could see where I’d come from and, possibly, where I might be going.”  — Debra Kaufman, chapter 45

Compiled from letters, essays and poems from almost seventy women around the world, Letters is written for every woman to read, to share — with each other and with the men and women who love them.